Sunday, November 11, 2007

Using a "mask" in PSE

MaryJo mentioned in the previous post that she was interested in learning how I was able to create the photo. :D Well, thanks to the "Up & Running with Photoshop" Course that I took over at I'm actually able to answer that! {Go have a look around ~ she has a lot of free tutorials, and her instructions are very clear. I had trouble getting started in Photoshop, since the format is so different from any other program I had ever used, but she was actually able to make it *easy*.}

Back to directions. :) There are number of different ways that this look can be acheived. Among them: overlays, rubons, brushes, and the one I used here ~ a mask. It all depends on what you have available. I'm sorry to say, I don't remember where I picked this freebie up. {embarressed ~ must keep better tabs!} In the coming week, I'm hoping to start adding links on my blog to sites for lots of fun digi freebies and inspiration. ;)

So, in PSE, open your mask ~ it will be labeled as a mask when you're looking through your files. Next, choose your photo. Here's the important part. Select your move tool, drag the photo on to your mask. Then, hit Ctrl g. This will "clip" the 2 layers together. Then resize your photo to fit your mask. :) (Make sure you drag on the corner, or you will throw things out of proportion. Sorry ~ pet peave!!) And guess what? You're done! It easy as that. :)

Hope you check Ms. Jessica's site. She is such a wonderful teacher!! Not only did I learn everything I needed to get started in the digi srapping life, but the class also gave me the confidence and understanding to be able to play on my own! Photoshop has become and indispensible tool for me. :D

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maryjo said...

thank leah! i actually just downloaded a grunge frame/mask from her site the other day (u should see it on my blog soon :). you're right, she's a wealth of tips & info. might have to take a class w/ her next year. mj

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