Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

Another busy week. Yikes! Tomorrow is David's Thanksgiving program. :) I did a few things to help prepare for it. I'm bringing some yummy cinnamon roll cookies for everyone to enjoy while watching their little presentation. Also helped out the teacher by adding to her costume store. I made vests for the boys. Some Indian, some pilgrim. I'm sure you'll see them in the pictures I post after.

We've actually had some major events go down in our house this past week. Long story short, we found out that our youngest is allergic to nuts. Like anaphalactic allergic. Now we read labels very carefully and carry an epi-pen everywhere. It makes you even more aware of your surroundings... I've actually been thinking about it to be able to put down my thoughts. This is going to be a journey for us. Especially since the Dr. told us that most of the time it only gets worse as a child gets older.

I'm going to be hosting another SWAP on the MemoryWorks message board! I'm trying to really motivate myself to be good about sending out thank you cards this year. The Christmas cards are easy, right?! Anyway, I'm going to set up themes for everyone to choose from, so we get a nice variety of styles, etc. I'll also be giving a RAK for the card design that everyone votes their favorite. Can't wait! :) Only thing I'm debating right now is the deadline. Before or after Christmas? Hmm. Oh well. I'll be posting for sign-ups in the next day or so. :)


Me :) said...

Leah - your blog is looking awesome! You are doing such a great job with the digi stuff. I'm very impressed!

Sher said...

I love the LO! The paper bag feel is my favorite part I think.

Continued prayers for your little guy. We've been carrying an Epipen for over a year now and people may think we're nuts for asking about nuts so much, but oh well!

Oooooo, a swap at the MW board! Since my Christmas cards are almost done, I could handle a before Christmas deadline. I just made a bunch of thank you cards, so am in that mode.

I just noticed you have Alton Brown on the side of your blog--love his show(s). My kids enjoy them too. Great learning and good eats, lol.

I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog too. I sure appreciate it. After I get these Christmas cards done, I will be hopefully getting some LO's done with the MW August kit that I just got. (B-day money.) Can't wait to be able to subscribe to it again.

Happy Wednesday to you too Leah! =)

maryjo said...

love the layout leah! looks awesome. i like the paper bag feel too & the stitching. the nut thing is very scary- our preschool is totally nut free for this very reason. hope your little guy stays safe. happy wednesday right back atcha! mj

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