Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well, I was trying to show photos of a mini album I made last year to document my top 5 goals for 2007. Of course I have more than 5, but to me it helps to prioritize them into 5 categories.

{1. spiritual, 2. Love, 3. Family, 4. Business, 5. personal}

Those were last years, this year's may change. :) I chose my #1 goal for each area, and when finished, I made a mini album to document them. I left it out on my desk to remind me, when things got tough, to remember what my goal for that area was. I grew from that experience last year, so this year, I'll be doing another one. I've got my supplies picked out and will be working on it in the coming days. Have you made goals for 2008? Find a way to remind yourself, so they don't just slip away from you and are forgotten. :)

Here's an older layout I made of Ethan when he was about 6 months old. I love this, even though the photo is overexposed.

We're joining family for a classic Jamaican breakfast later this morning, and then just relaxing for the day. Hope you enjoy yours!

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