Saturday, January 26, 2008


I was able to coax my computer into finishing my layout! Yes! Now to complete today's assignment. :)Our prompt is "today." Today I'll be running errands (must get hair cut!!) my shoes fell apart, so I need a new pair, have to drop off my pages for sale at The Paper Niche, hoping to head down to South Beach for date night with hubby tonight... I'll be toting my camera around to document my day. :)

I fell behind on my daily cards a little this week, between preparing for my classes, and working on the assignments for the class I'm taking,(not to mention taking care of the house/family) so I'll try to post them tomorrow.

I've got some gorgeous pics I took at the beach on Thursday that I'll have to post soon. Hope you enjoy your weekend! :)


Linda said...

Well done on the assignment. I loved making the first week LO. I never used to like recoloured pics but I loved the outcome of the LO. I am glad Jess' classes makes you try things you never thought you would like or do.

melissa o. said...

beautiful page -- love the pic and the BLUUUE!

Jackie said...

Oh love him looking thru the fence :)

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