Monday, March 10, 2008

Everyday Stuff :)

One of the highlights of our day today was this lovely crane showing up...

E. stood and watched that thing forever. Then, proceeded to cling to my leg all around the house because it was so darn loud.

Just doing the every day thing today. I will have a bunch of fun layouts to post sometime this week hopefully. They were put together using a kit they created at the store. :)

I have gotten out of the habit of my daily cards, and I miss it. I have 2 from a previous week that I haven't posted yet, and I'm also working to get back to them. They were such a great place to try things out and journal about my day, that I must get back to it.

Also making preparations for an upcoming baby shower in the family. Always lots of fun coming up with invitations, decorations and favors. Everything. :) I'll be sure to share when it's finished. (Can't spoil the surprise!)

Have a happy Monday!


maryjo said...

that's such a cute picture of your little guy on the balcony. can't wait to see all your upcoming projects! mj

Me :) said...

What a cool view! I'm looking forward to seeing the new projects!!! Have a good day Leah!

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