Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rainy Day :)

{sigh} I love rainy days. We had lots of them where I grew up. I think I once read that we only had 65 full days of sunshine per year there. :D

Busy working away. Went to IKEA this morning and picked up a few things I was looking for... and a few things I wasn't. ;) Found out the specifics on the shelf I want, then discovered it was out of stock. Oh, well. Now I have all of the info and can check ahead. :)

Weeks almost through. Hope the weather clears for tomorrow. We're supposed to go stargazing on the beach with the kids...

Edit: Lacey asked where the pic was taken... this is the view from our balcony. We have 8'x24' sliding glass doors in our main living space. :) I love all the light.


Lacey said...

That's a nice picture...where is the view from - your house??

Lu said...

That's a very pretty view! You're very lucky with that.
We had a beautiful, sunshine day here! I wish I had been home to take pictures, but alas...I was working.

maryjo said...

oh, stargazing on the beach! i could only wish. hope it clears up for u!

Me :) said...

We'll be happy to send you some rain Leah! LOL! Can you send us some more sunshine? Cool pic!

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