Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wacky Wednesday & Lacey's journal entry

So, since the little guy was under the weather on Monday, we had to run around for David's stuff for wacky Wednesday yesterday afternoon. After a call to my hubby to refresh my memory on calculating the circumference of a circle, I was able to figure out fabric amounts, and everything flew by after that! He was pretty happy when he was greeted by yells from his classmates on the playground. "Hey, look at David! He's the Cat in the Hat!" :D

Lacey's circle journal. Didn't get too fancy this month. I do really love those Urban Rhapsody papers from K & Co, though!

Whew! This has kinda been a rough week. Is it done, yet? :)

Brought home a fun project from the Paper Niche tonight. They gave us a kit that they put together to just play with. Lots of yummy papers, embellies, and just fun stuff! I'm sure I'll post some of my projects when I'm finished! :)


Lacey said...

ooo that's cool!!! And it's in my book!!! Awesome!

Me :) said...

Your little guy is so cute!!! I loved seeing Lacey's page up close. Cool layout!

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