Sunday, June 15, 2008

Intense Times

My sil's not doing so well. Since the birth of her beautiful baby girllast Wednesday, she's had mulitple complications. The list at this point is too much to even mention. :( We went through some intense hours last night as they moved her out of the maternity ward to a unit with more staff. The main thing right now, is trying to get her blood pressure under control. She's been moved so they can moniter things better, and of course, she's missing her baby girl tremendously. Medications she's on are making it impossible to breast feed, though she still pumping. All this for a brand new mom...

We stopped by to see her after church this morning... I just wrapped my arms around her - mother to mother. We held on and cried. Just having someone who had gone through similar experience and knew. We're not a weepy family, but this is intense. Things are finally starting to stabelize, though they have no idea when she'll be going home. She's hoping to be able to visit the baby this evening. Fortunately, the little one's doing well.

All this to ask: please pray. The Lord is faithful.


Shelley G in Iowa said...


I don't know what to say, other than I will pray for your sister, stay strong and take it day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.

Phoebe said...

Oh my goodness, Leah!! I'll be sending up some extra prayers for the whole family!! {hugs!!!} What a tough situation!! I'm sure she appreciates you and your shoulder more than you know. ;-) Take care!! Hugs and prayers to all!!!

maryjo said...

oh no leah! i'm thinking & praying for you & yours. hope your sister is better soon & gets to hold her baby girl. i'll check in to read the update. xoxo- maryjo

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