Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wrapping up a great year...

{sigh} Thursday was spent frantically running around gathering all of our end of the year gifts for teachers, teacher aids, & room moms - they all did so much to make this and incredible year for D. :)

I also put together a party with a bunch of other moms to celebrate the summer birthdays - 7 boys!! Ethan and I met David for lunch.

Then we had games, lots of fun, cupcakes, balloons - wow! It was great. So many of the moms pitched in to help, that is wasn't even too much trouble for us as individuals. :D Ethan and I hung out at school until finish, since it was only about and hour - just not worth running home. ;) I was there to hear David's teacher read this book. It was hard to hold the tears back - yes, REAL school starts next year. Wow. He's growing up so fast...

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