Monday, July 28, 2008


I miss my sis bad...

Not only was it great to have an extra set of hands to keep track of the boys, there just isn't a friend in the world quite like the sister you grew up with.

Also wanted to thank the ladies over at AC Bailey, for including one of my layouts in a post on some inspiration from their members! You can check out their blog here. I hang out on their message board and participate in some of the challenges, etc. It's a great community! :)

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Camille said...

Leah (chicsrapper) created this layout, "capture". This totally caught my eye because it was about her. I am not good about getting myself into my scrapbooks and I think many of us forget to include ourselve. It's great to see that we don't forget about ourselves! Also, you need to get to the gallery and check out the detail close-up she posted of the corner of her picture with the flowers. VERY nice!

great review...very inspiring words...way to go!

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