Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, my sis left early this morning... :( We had such a great time while she was here.

Slipped over to the beach yesterday briefly...

I can't believe we managed to fit all of this into just 5 days...
- celebrated a birthday {hand decorated cake and all}
- visited 3 malls, the courthouse/library {for an errand}, SuperTarget,
the pool, the downtown area, and the beach
- got 3 Starbuck's
- ate at the Jamaican patty store, P.F. Chang's, Papa John's & Firehouse Subs,
{yes, I did actually cook a couple of meals at home... ;)}
- Went to Disney World
- watched 2 movies
- and unbelievably, hubby and I actually had a date night!! {we checked out "Dark Knight," of course!}

We're definitely all tired, but a good, happy tired. Sad that she's gone, but looking forward to the next visit...

Now back to the regular routine. The boys are more than happy to just play at home, for today at least. I'm cleaning up, relaxing, doing laundry and taking stock of projects that need to be done, and deadlines that are approaching.

Happy Friday!!


Kutitap said...
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The Home Depot Queen said...

Hi Leah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I sure love everything on your blog--I think I had to go back 3 pages to get caught up. How is your sil and the new baby? Hopefully much better by now!

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