Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Template challenge

April {I'd link you to her blog, but she recently decided to make it invite only...}, over on the AC Bailey Message Board, decided to host a challenge with a digi template for August.

Here's the template she created:

Here's my layout:

Templates are a great way to jump start if you're feeling crunched for time! I don't necessarily use them very often, but I just had to do this one, since April's so cool. :D

If you've never used a template before, or would like to join in, here's a link to the challenge thread!


krisi said...

love the colours

Phoebe said...

I LOVE the layout, Leah! And, oh my goodness, I LOVE the new header!! I think it looks awesome!! Thanks for the congrats and a big congrat to you, too, girl!! And thank you for all your help and encouragement!! ;-) (And I'm up for another circle journal if you are!) :-) Hope you're having a great day!!

Camille said...

Amazing! You are very creative.

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