Monday, August 18, 2008

Checking In!

I've been scrapping like a mad woman lately - that creative drive finally kicked back into gear!

I've actually had this one mostly finshed for a while, but was trying to get the journaling right, so it didn't come across wrong! LOL!

Also letting you know that we're still here, but now awaiting Tropical Storm Fay - it can't make up it's mind on where or what it's going to do! We're all prepped with supplies and such, and now it's just the waiting game. At the very least, we will be experiencing tropical storm force winds, etc. :P We're snug and prepared here, though - trusted the Lord for whatever He brings. ;)The worst of it seems to be heading to our west. I'll be sure to check in with an update when I can!

Happy Monday! {Yeah, all the school kids here are partying - they had the first 2 days of school canceled! HeeHee!}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow Leah! I love all these and can totally relate to that last one. :) Great layout! Keeping you guys in my prayers and hoping this storm blows over quickly. (Glad at least your kiddos are diggin it!) ;)

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