Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok. Dumb story for today. And yes, evidence that I need a little more sleep. LOL.

I checked my email this evening and found that the newsletter for Bad Girls Kits had popped into my box! I played along for their Top Designer contest for a few weeks, and had lots of fun. They always have tons of inspiration over there. :) Anyway, {THAT was totally off topic...} I saw this really great layout in there by Tracy Hudson. Loved it. Was thinking it was totally awesome, just my thing... so I go looking around for a bigger pic. This is where it gets funny...

she scraplifted me.

As part of their challenge for the design team. Of course she credited my layout and linked to it. That's how I figured it out. Duh.

I'm totally flattered, but totally sitting here laughing at myself.

Have a good night!


Tracie H said...

Thnaks for the inspiration - I loved your digi page and just had to lift it for the Bad Girls Scraplift Challenge :D


maryjo said...

lol! i least u know u like you your style. that's a good thing! happy halloween. maryjo

maryjo said...

that's suppose to read "know u like YOUR OWN style". sorry it's late..........

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