Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week 4 Top Designer Contest

This is my attempt for this week's lesson. The lesson was a little nebulous, so, I just had to try to interpret it the best I could. We were to demonstrate unity, harmony, balance, and texture in our layout. The emphasis was on "accessorizing," so we were supposed to use accessories to do this...

This was my description with my assignment:
Unity - I used the concept of a circle to link my elements for starters, not only do I have the large circles, but they are repeated in the transparency, flair, and even the little headlights on the truck/bus. I also felt that kinda linked to the eyes, which is what I'm really talking about in this layout. ;)

Harmony - I chose to repeat my colors through out the layout. The colors in my photos are really neutral, so I was able to just choose some fun papers and products to work with! :D Though I did purposely choose brown for the title, since that the dominate color in my photos. I also repeated several shapes through the layout - clouds, circles, hearts, flourishes...

Balance - my main focus for balance was to make my title approx. the same size as my lrg photo, so they would balance each other on the page. I also lined up the right edges of my photos and the truck completes the rectangle shape...

Texture - I introduced texture to my layout by crumpling my lrg circle, using trims, and choosing "accessories" that are vinyl, foam, and felt.

Accessories were placed to draw attention into the photos and title.

Seems like a lot of gabbing to go along, but oh well. Ha!

I also had some exciting news this week! Yep. That's me! I won 3rd place in Jenni Bowlin's Guest Designer Contest! You can read the announcement here. She really is sweet! We exchanged a few emails, it was totally clear that she really spent a lot of time and effort choosing the person she felt would best fit her needs! I really appreciate that! It's can be so easy to just gravitate to big names on entries...

Other news... as part of the big celebration over at SCrapbookGraphics this weekend, I hosted a little chat last night. Wow are those chatrooms crazy! It was only my second using one, and I had a bit of a computer malfunction (had forgotten a DL had come through during the day, and I needed to re-boot), so I felt like a bit of boob on that account, but hey, it happens to all of us! Everyone was so busy chatting, I don't know that many questions were actually answered, but hopefully everyone had fun!

Here's my sample for the challenge!

The details are posted here. The quickpage I used for the challenge is a freebie you can download while you're there, too! :) Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! T-ball got rained out this morning, here, so now I've got some energetic boys... have to find something to occupy them... :P


Amanda said...

Just love your BG layout Leah! They can't NOT put you through!!! :)

maryjo said...

hey leah-

awesome layouts. congrats on the jbs win. i saw your entry on her blog last nite & it was so COOL to actually know the person who won. well done! mj

Lisa Carroll said...

These layouts are both amazing! You do a wonderful job of adding the perfect balance of detail. Congrats on making it to the next round.

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