Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Sassy!

This stuff has really inspired me since I picked it up!!

One thing I have noticed - if given the choice lately, when I have total freedom {meaning no DT/CT requirements}, I've been doing hybrid layouts! I guess b/c I do so much of each {digital and paper}, I love combining stuff from both when ever I see that it fits! Some things about digital are just too great - any time you need to change a size? No problem. Tweak the color? Usually pretty easy. Creating shapes? Super quick. But.... I still love my paper. I mean, how can you resist stuff like above?!

Oh, and this layout made the Catwalk on Sis this week!


Elisabeth said...

Wow, Leah, you rocked the Sass girl!

The Home Depot Queen said...

I love it! Sorry I've been scarce. Your recent LO's are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Girl you make me want to scrap! I love your layout... seriously ROCKS!!

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