Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing with bokeh...

Yes, I got what I asked for for Christmas...

my very own, 50mm f/1.8 prime lens for my rebel. I'm in love. I just took these playing around on Christmas night... still hoping to get some lovely holiday shots around the place before all the decorations are packed away. Definitely will be practicing, but loving the results so far. :D
Oh, and in case you're wondering what bokeh is, it's that lovely blur you get in the background when you have a lens with a wonderfully large aperture. Yummy.

Sorry no posts for Christmas day - I was, um, exhausted. In a good way. The kind of way that means you're surrounded by people you love, and love you, and you're all doing lots of things to make each other happy. We may not have the spendiest Christmas, but, I think we have one of the best. :D

Which also meant, I completely dropped the day after Christmas. Ran around in sweats all day {rare for me}, let the boys watch movies and play with toys, and just hung out myself.

Oh, and started reading Twilight. And finished reading Twilight. Of course, I devoured it, once it was begun. Totally lived up to the hype. {sigh} Yes, I was Bella at that age. Awkward, never fit in, wise beyond my years, etc. Good thing I have the rest of the books waiting - I know I'll be reading them more than once. And I'm a tough critic. ;) Ironically enough, that's the one and only name I ever discussed with hubby if we were to have a girl - before having ever even heard of the books {the last time, before we found out he was a boy...} :D

{I'm rambling - 'tis the season, I suppose.}

I should have some more scrappy projects to share soon. Hopefully you're not disappointed - I've been doing the life thing lately, and not so much on the project end - which means, I have many deadlines this week! Ack! Oh well, I know it'll all get done. Helped along by the fact that school is out, and the kids are still supremely happy reveling in all the new toy goodness around here.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! :D


Amanda said...

Man.. you're boys are soooo handsome!!!! great photos Leah! Enjoy your new lens.. it suits you! :) So.. you're hooked on Twilight too??.. ah man.. you just may have put reading "twilight" on my list of to-dos.. I haven't heard a bad thing about them!

Elisabeth said...

Those books are so engrossing it's hard to do anything else until you finish them...enjoy!!!

The Home Depot Queen said...

Oh I so want a 50 mm lens (and the camera to go with it lol)! Your pics are great! Enjoy!

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