Friday, January 30, 2009


Day 5 with the iphone ~ I feel myself getting hopelessly attached. I have a feeling, talking to others, that I actually utilize more features than a lot of people. I'm not sure about that though... my poor abandoned planner. I've already transferred my calendar, and am keeping design notes, bookmarking sites, etc. on the go... I feel so much better being able to check my email at will.

This is a photo, btw of one of my personal favorites - I receive emails from them, and order occasionally. They have such good service - I love it! You can check out purl for lovely inspiration, even if you're not a sew-er. :)

Busy day ahead. Errands,park,pizza... Hoping to have an official sneak peek of our upcoming kit for you in the next day or so!!

Enjoy your Friday!!


Me :) said...

Have fun with your iPhone! I've heard that those are pretty handy to have. Have a good day Leah!

Amanda said...

.. I still want one!! .. hey.. I've been told that there is an organizational ap that is just awesome for bookmarks and stuff.. don't know much about it.. but I know some people who sweat by it!.. here's the link if you want to look into it... :)

Amanda said...

ooops... I'm mean "swear" by it! :D

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