Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Note to self:

You are not in the shape you were when you were working out 3x's a week...
I hit the gym last night, as per my determination to get back at least once a week, and ahhh... let's just say, maybe I pushed it a little too hard! lol. I did what would have been a typical workout back in the day - you know, 3 miles, jogging/power-walking in 45 minutes... Whew! It was good for me, though - so it will continue. ;)

Happy St. Patrick's day! I made a hybrid card for my hubby using this kit from Valorie at FPD. :)It was a little funny when I gave it to him - HeeHee... he really liked it, but wasn't really familiar with all the expressions/traditions of the holiday, so it took a little explaining...

My hybrid layout for my Mix It Up post this month over at SBG:

I really love how this one came out... really, really like the new Sassafrass line. I think it's the first time in a really long time that I picked up more than one sheet of each of the papers!

In other news, the little one has, um, you guessed it! Been hit with the yucky cold that I had last week! At least when I've got it, only one of us suffers. {eye roll} He's making sure to share his misery with all of us - of course, we are the picture of patience and understanding. {sigh} Can't wait 'til he's feeling better!

Enjoy your day!


Paper Memories said...

Great card! You do such nice work.

DoubleL said...

Really fun stuff you created Leah!

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