Monday, April 6, 2009

Capture the Flag!

FPD - one of *my all time fave* spots to CT for - is holding a little designer contest... and yes, I threw my hat in! I've been wanting to get into the biz, but this was the little push I needed to spend a little time figuring out what I like and of course learn lots from the other girls {and guy} hanging out together and working on the challenges. It's an elimination thing, so who knows how far I'll go... but I'll keep you posted! :)

Here's my kit:

And the solids:

A couple of layouts with the fun-ness:

Amanda's {You just wait, girl - I'll get you into digi, yet! Bwahahaha!!}

You can grab it here! It's a freebie for the contest!


Yvette said...

super cute Leah.
good luck!

Amanda said...

Leah.. you plain 'ol ROCK! It's just so cool that you're learning how to put these kits together.. AMAZING I say! .. oh.. I just love that hit of turquoise you use.. and it's evident in my layout! haha! ;)
Good luck!.. I'll be watching! .. love those elimination type contests, just try to stay calm. :D

Haberdawoman said...

Cool kit and awesome colors.
I would so use it if only I knew how to do the digital thing. You are one RAWKING chick. Good luck!

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