Thursday, April 2, 2009

Really can't believe

How the time has flown this week. I think it has something to do with sleep deprivation. We seriously haven't had a full night's {I'm being generous when I say this, because my hubby and I both function pretty well on anything from 5-7 hours} sleep in almost a week. And it doesn't look promising tonight either, since E's already been up once. {sigh} Life goes on.

ACBailey has their April kit up - very elegant and pretty. :)
One of my projects with it. The rest will wait for a later date. :)

This is my brother-in-law and niece!! :)

Things I'm loving right now:
Robin Thicke's song: DreamWorld
This is just the music. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the twist on that classic jazz sound. The sentiments really touched my heart.
my iphone: of course. Love the fact that I can watch a movie, listen to music, tweet and check my email no matter where I'm at. Helpful when you're stuck waiting for your kiddo somehwere...
the gym. Yeah, sounds crazy, but I feel really good since I've been able to get back.
The Paper Niche. Things are looking good to start spending a little more time there... more on that later. ;)
My family. When I came to pick up our boys from Grandma's the other day I asked E if he had a good time. He said, "Yep. Did you have a good time at the Paper Niche?" Sounds so cool to have such adult things come out of his mouth. {wow} Plus, my family has just been super supportive all around right now - hubby and everything. :) I love him and them tons!

All for now - I'll have to try to update again some time this week - You have to see some of the fun stuff we've done with the March kit from the Paper Niche!!

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DoubleL said...

That's so sweet to ask you that!! They do come out with some good ones don't they.

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