Friday, May 1, 2009

AC Bailey National Scrapbooking Day Blog Hop Stop!!

Happy National Scrapbook Day!! :) We have a grand prize up for grabs for our little blog hop for ACBailey!...

And as a part of our little blog hop for NSD, we're posting a few get-to-know-you questions, so here goes for starters:

1. Name: Leah
2. Where am I from? Hmm. I'm originally from the midwest, but I've happily lived in the South Florida metro area for over 7 years now. {I've always been a city girl at heart. Mwah!}
3. How long have I been with/known about ACBailey? Well, About a year now, I guess! Wow - time flies, huh? I originally found the site through my friend, Phoebe, who was on the team at the time. I later made the DT in October of 2008.
4. What do I like most about being a part of ACbailey? Oooh - Love the friendly atmosphere on the boards, the great inspiration from the other girls, and the fun products to work with!
5. A Current favorite product? Well, besides an ongoing obsession with Thickers, I really adore the new Sassafrass stuff!
6. Share something unique about you. I love fantasy fiction! :D I'm currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, and they're a riot!

I'm also offering a fun little tutorial on how to make these cute paper flowers! They're so fun to put together with scraps you've got left over from other things...

So, without further ado:
1. Start by gathering all of your supplies.
For these flowers, we'll need:
4 different coordinating patterned papers
punches, templates, or anything you can find to make circles that are 2.75", 1.75", 1.5", and 1".
1-.75" or so, coordinating button
paper piercer
embroidery floss
cross stitch needle
2. Make your circles.
{I had to trace and cut out one of mine using the jar ring. HeeHee.}
3. Crumple them and then flatten them back out. {Don't be too gentle!}
4. Rough up the edges with a fingertip or an edge distressor.
5. Stack your circles loosely, so that they're not perfectly centered.
6. Lay the button on top {again off-centered} and use the paper piercer to make holes to stitch through.
7. Then stitch through with needle and thread.
8. Tie off the threads.
9. Using a precision edge scissors, lifting the inner circles, clip in to create the petals of the bottom layer.
10. All done! Just fluff up the edges and curl out a bit toward you! {Notice these are not perfect!}

You could make these all different sizes and use them to make cards, or even add them to a layout, like I did with this one:

Thanks for joining me for this little hop! Don't forget to leave a little post to let us know you were here - and this isn't limited to certain people - if you're visiting from anywhere today, feel free to post - we'll also have a little prize just for this stop courtesy of Erica, the owner of ACBailey {isn't she sweet?!}

You'll find the next stop here: Gin

Enjoy your day!!!


Amanda said...

Wow Leah... awesome tut!! How DO you have the time to do all of this??!! You amaze me! .. this blog hop things sounds fun! Happy NSD. :D

gladfam said...

oh the flowers are soooo cute. thanks for the detailed tut.


rhondau said...

I love those flowers and what a great tutorial! I will be trying these, these too are great for scraps!

Tammy said...

How fun and easy are these cute little flowers!!! Thanks for the tutorial Leah! I'll be making some of these!

rechkea said...

You have an amazing style Leah!! I love all your work. I really love these flowers. I will defineltly be using it on my LO. Thanks!

AC Bailey Designs said...

cool technique! thanks leah!

momofthree said...

Cute ideas!

KathyM said...

This is so cute I dont' even MIND doing all the different steps--which is a lot for lazy ol' me! LOL Great idea!

Dee said...

love these! thanks for the fab tut!

Lisa Carroll said...

Love those flowers. they are so cute, and so fun!!

Laura said...

I'm a new blog reader from the UK, I found your blog after seeing one of your designs in Scrapbook Trends. We have just had a UK edition launched!

Love your flowers, I am totally trying those out tomorrow!

Cheri said...

how fun are those!!! Awesome! I can't wait to try those!

Sandi said...

Great tutorial, Leah and I love your site..I have it bookmarked for future reference..thanks so much....

Paper Memories said...

Totally adorable!!! I am so going to try these, THANKS

Judith said...

I LOVE this flower!Thanks so much for sharing this.

Elisabeth said...

Lovely tutorial and lovely flowers. Hope you had a fantastic NSD!

Anonymous said...

Leah You work is so amazing... Love the flower!! Em

The Ratliffs said...

Awe, thanks Leah!!! Those flowers are really adorable :o) I can't wait to go make a few - what a perfect way to use up some of my scraps! Thanks!

Kristii said...

Way cute flowers!!! I love your layout too1!

Haberdawoman said...

Neat tutorial, I am going to be trying it out.

Cardsister said...

Nice...very nice. I'll give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

How fun! Love those little flowers.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute Leah! I love those! Happy NSD!!

Kelly in IN said...

Thanks for sharing.

Yvette said...

Hi Leah!
love this little flowers....great instructions too!!

Camille Petrocelli said...

You know I'm a flower nut,
and I think this one is great!
Excellent instructions...thanks for sharing.

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