Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Capture the Flag Entry!

Yay!! It's up and in!! I am really proud - not only of this kit, but of the body of work I pulled together through the month! I feel like I showed versatility, while sticking to a style that is really "me" - and that means a lot! :D Even when I had a few worries that maybe what I came up with was a little off the beaten path - thank goodness I had friends there to tell me to just go for it! So here's another special thanks to the girls who put in words of wisdom in my moments of doubt! :D Jess, Amanda, and Phoebe!!

Here's a layout Amanda put together with the kit!! Isn't it yummy?

So, if you want to grab it {after all, it's a freebie for the moment!} - it's up over here!

Be back later/tomorrow for some more NSD fun!! :D


Lisa Carroll said...

I think it is a beautiful kit! Good Luck!!

Kelleigh said...

Wow! That is so gorgeous! I am so stinkin' proud of you and of all of the items you have created over the last month. You are amazing! I want to be like you when I grow up!

Amanda said...

This is just too darn exciting!!! ... I can't stand the waiting!!! .. and you KNOW I love that kit!

Amanda said...

ps. love your comment, "it's a freebie.. FOR THE MOMENT" .!! ;) hee hee, you better believe it!!

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