Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random bits of our week...

This has been a fun, stressful, and... ultimately one of those "what life's about" kinda weeks. Here's my recap:

{Supplies are randomness from the FPD designers and myself}
Inspired by the very talented Kal's monthly bulletin board posts {this one's July...}I'm always inspired by her sense of humor, her artwork, and her "real-ness".

Today it's working on the compy, running to get my fave scissors sharpened {bummer. dropped them and nicked the blade. :P} Throwing some dinner together for the boys, and then hanging out at the Paper Niche this evening for a bit to crop!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa Carroll said...

such a neat idea for a layout. and I love how you presented it. beautiful!

Amanda said...

your one busy girl! .. and potty training added in there too??!.. glad it's going well... I've gotta get Jersey started right away too... hoping it goes ok.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

random is so beautiful I think :)

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