Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School's in session and "Kinda Campy"

School's started for the year, and being a busy homeschool mom, I have to get myself organized! This is my attempt to make it pretty this year. ;)

{Actually - keep an eye on my digi store... I'll soon be releasing planner pages for homeschool moms - or just a busy mom in general!}

The tabs are punched from patterned paper using this punch from McGill, and glued down to my title/divider pages. I used letter stickers from Jenni Bowlin to make the titles for the tabs. :)

And a new release in my digi store!! :D
From the CT girls:

And a couple more that I haven't gotten on to the sample sheets, yet!

The cute fishies seem to be popular. HeeHee... I actually have a few photos I'd love to get scrapped with this - and they're fishing related, too! lol

It's a super busy week around here - I'll check in this weekend with an update! Lessons, tooth lost, potty training, shark feeding, projects galore, car repairs... Whew. Yeah. I'm tired already and it's only Wednesday! lol


cdanielshafer said...

Awesome... love this idea :) I was just sitting down today going over my planning sheets for homeschool this year, so this really jumped out of the gallery for me, lol :)

Amanda said...

I'd like to start homeschooling just so I can have a planner like that!! HA! looks awesome. And loved the new kit.. so many hidden jewels in there!! .. and ya.. fish are too cute!

Dina said...

Amazing stuff, you are so good, girl.

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