Saturday, October 24, 2009

A spooky house, and hyper for halloween :P

We found the cutest little kit for a haunted gingerbread house at Target a few weeks ago, and we put it together the other night!
{Notice the pajamas, as we've sort of been under the weather here this week. :P}
Looks like a lovely little house from the front - then... someone egged it with candy corn! Bwahahahaha! My husband's comment: "Well, it is Halloween..."
We've had much racing up and down around here today. The boys decided to pull out old costumes and try them on. On the whole, they've been hyper for Halloween.
And, um, we are giving them candy on top of this? I'm gonna need some sugar myself to deal with all this.
This afternoon, we're heading out to look for a couple of new costumes. A bit behind our usual schedule for some reason this year. I think it's b/c the boys just couldn't decide what they wanted to be.

Oh, and can't forget - a cute little kit from Miss Tiina! This is an older photo, but I thought it was perfect for this kit! lol
Well, off to handle the natives... Enjoy your weekend! I'm looking forward to a few hours hanging out with some friends and scrapping tonight! Woot!

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