Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello my peeps!

This is a wee catch up post! Here's my December Dailies for the last few days -

The previous style that we decorated our tree... I made a matching wreath as well... I kept it for the door this year.
{sigh} No, it's not handmade - but I decided to put spending time with my family first. ;) And since the entire month of November got knocked out of me, what are you gonna do?
HeHe - found some of those Santa coca-colas when I was grabbing a few things at the store.
Printing addresses for Christmas cards! And ee-gads! I DID NOT know my printer was so dusty! 0_o {And yes. Yes, those envelopes are MAGENTA. It felt entirely appropriate to play up the spot we live this year with our modern take on the holiday. :)}
In other news - I've got a new kit up in my little digi shop... you can check it out here... It's on sale of just $2 for today and tomorrow!

Otherwise, I've been extremely busy. {aren't we all this time of year?!} But, ahem - I decided to conquer our home before the holidays. {What the *beep* was I thinking?}

Long story short, it involves lots of dust bunnies {and other unpleasant things} - much paint, fixtures, new toilet seats {whoever thought that metal hinges on a toilet seat were a good idea did NOT have young boys in the house - eye roll}, pinch pleats, picture hangers, and lots of sorting and tossing. I vaguely remember going through this after things were finally settled down after having our first son - I'm sure I just didn't choose to torture myself so close to the holidays! lol

Counting down to my advent cards! I'm making them a special part of the 12 days before Christmas this year - It may sound crazy, but once I commit to it, it's so great to set aside that little piece of time every day for creativity when things are just so out of control! A little piece of "me" time that makes something special for someone else that I love.

Ciao for now!

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Brittney aka Milmomma said...

Pass me a coke... I'll bring the rum :) Love the daily pictures.

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