Friday, January 8, 2010


Remember my "shop my pantry" challenge for this year? Creating all-natural & organic foods at home for less $$?

Well, with all this fabulously cold weather we've been having, we've been drinking bunches of hot cocoa - and I had a reaction to the pre-made packets. :P {I'll spare you the details, but it involves lots of itching! lol}

So I looked up this recipe for hot cocoa mix and put together a batch!! So far it's been super yummy - no reaction, and only cost about $3.00 to put together mix for 92 cups. lol - So, I'm sharing and passing along! I spooned some of the mix into a plastic sandwich bag, printed the directions onto a pre-made tag {from a digi kit I'm working on to release Monday! } and packed it into an empty tin leftover from some Maya Road clear alphas. Nothin' fancy, but I know my sister-in-law will appreciate the package!
Topped with a little whipped cream in my cozy mug...
And just a peek at what I've been working on this week! Playing with fabric and yarn...
Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you with lots of creative plans!


Kristine said...

This is great! Thanks for passing along the recipe. I think I'll see if I've got the stuff to whip up a batch of my own tonight!

BEFFY! said...

Cool! Thanks for the link to the recipe. Nik will love this too.
I can add some of the Starbuck's peppermint syrup to it...YUM!

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