Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookies Anyone?

What can I say? Another boring Monday. We're coming back from a serious case of the boogers around here, and slowly digging back into regular routine. That means cleaning, schoolwork, working out, yada, yada, yada...

But of course, we can't forget the cookies!
And if you know a friend that might need to do some emergency snacking, this could be just the thing:
{Don't we all need that?! - Especially on a Monday. :P}

I'm actually feeling caught up around here! After epic laundry last week, cleaning seems to be under control, Tuesday's dinner is simmering on low in the crockpot, and school assignments are already set.

What have I missed? I KNOW there has to be something - 'cause I haven't been in this place in a really long time! Oh well! I'm sure I'll discover it tomorrow, and be right back to square one... ;)


Jenny said...

Yes can you send that my way? YUM!! Looks good! Care to share the recipe? If there is one! lol have a great week!

Elisabeth said...

OMGosh that cookie envie is adorable!

beckyjune said...

Those DO look yummy, Leah, especially with all of that Jillibean cuteness.

Anonymous said...

so cute Leah! is that a special cookie wrapper? i love how you packaged it up :)

Daswhoiam said...

OMG the cookies are yummy and I love the sleeve you created for them. It is a great party favor.

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