Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Sunday, Daylight Savings & Healthy Struggles

A new week has come and I'm so glad! Between sick little ones, and an epic amount of laundry and errands last week, I'm looking forward to a fresh start! And even though I groan over the hour of lost sleep, I know it'll make me happy when it's light outside longer this evening, so - grin and bear it.

I've mentioned recently that I have a weight loss journey to share one day. Still mulling that over. But I recently journaled about one of the changes I've been struggling with lately. It's so good for me - I can't figure out why it's so hard. And this is the exact word that comes to mind every time I think of those eight glasses a day:
The one cool thing about pushing to get those 8 glasses in is that I see immediate results. I worked hard on this this week, and I can see/feel the difference in my skin. So worth the struggle. :)

Is there something healthy/good for you that you struggle with? Don't be afraid to journal it out in your pages! Once I got this out of my system, and I felt like I had come to terms with it, and even though it still isn't easy, I felt like I had broken through that mental block just having "talked" it through.

Enjoy your Sunday! Hope you're able to set aside some time for creating!

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mrs. miller said...

what a great idea to scrap, keep it up you will find you crave h20 more and it just becomes 2nd nature and i am sooo enjoying DST, it's still light outside- i think dog park and grilling tonight! see you tuesday

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