Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun and Telling my Story

We had a great time over Easter and spring break! In fact, I enjoyed it almost too much! Really relaxing as a family... it's gonna be tough to get back into the swing of things...

We colored eggs on Sunday this year - D was under the weather, so we stayed home and had a family devotion. :)

We like to dip twice:
Then we pick our favorites for the "winner's nest":
All finished!
I totally need to take some photos of the yummies that I filled the boys' baskets with. I'm really happy with the alternatives I came up with this year! Birdie nests, sugar cookies, Izze sodas, Annie's bunny fruit snacks...

And I'm starting on my story. My journey. It's been a long one, {starting in my teens, since I was a chubby kid...that became a heavy teen...} and it still continues, but for the first time, I'm writing it down. And I'm happy.
Today's a new day! I started reading this over the weekend - picked up when grabbing books for the boys' baskets...
It's basically re-affirming things I've already known and believed, and given some cold hard data to support it...

Step one for me is to make sure I eat breakfast. I'm sooooo bad about this!
I'll be making changes to our home and eating habits over the next few weeks! Getting back to the basics - whole foods! Yay!

And I promise, I have a layout started... in fact, it just needs to be glued down! Ha! I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow!


Lu said...

Your eggs look so beautiful, very colorful and pretty!

beckyjune said...

Those eggs are SO cool!!!! Ours look pretty boring in comparison. That book looks like one I ought to read, too. I am so glad that you are telling your's something I have been thinking about and just need to do it. Have a great day, Leah :)

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