Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lesson Learned...

I love blogging. Miss it when I don't get the opportunity to check in and spill my thoughts and inspiration... I've been playing it close to home lately and spending time with our boys. For some reason age 3 = needy lately. :) I don't regret one moment spent with them, though! {My scrapping time this week has taken a hit, though! Bedtime is a major struggle, and usually that's mommy's scrapping time. Oh well - this too shall pass!}

Making lots of healthy changes around here this week. I spent a few hours on Tuesday doing some shopping around for good stuff to fill our shelves and tummies. As always, I've got big support from the whole family on this, and THAT ROCKS.

My big personal challenge this week is learning to eat breakfast. Believe it or not - I haven't done that consistantly since -who knows when. I really don't think I have since childhood. That = bad. We all know it. Sooooo... why do we do that to ourselves? {sigh} Well, I did great Monday and Tuesday, but this healthy combo got me. I definitely can't go this heavy/rough yet, even though I LOVED the taste.
When I added this guy in to the mix {another thing I'm adding to the healthy habits list}, this whole thing was a recipe for disaster for this girl.
Yeah. I lost it. Tossed my cookies. Lesson learned. One thing at a time. These are big changes. Pace yourself, girl - 'cause slow and steady wins the race!


Lisa Carroll said...

That breakfast looks so yummy. And I love your new header. Good luck with all the changes. I am looking forward to improving on a few things and getting back into eating the fresh summer produce heading our way!

Brittney aka Milmomma said...

Hey at least you tried! That's half the battle. I hope things go smooth with time to come. Great job on the healthy changes as well!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

I hear ya on the tossing cookies after the vitamin thing. When I started taking vitamins again (inconsistently), I tossed them the first time. Then, I remembered about taking them at night. LOL! Glad you remembered, too!!

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