Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday! YAY!

Good news! If you been following me on my "healthy changes", you'll know that I'm making LOTS of them right now! My latest saga involves adding breakfast to my routine and taking a multi-vitamin. Wednesday was a fail for both - but Thursday - yes! I was able to get my breakfast, and keep down the vitamin. I had to switch things around and take the vitamin before bed {which is what I always did with pre-natals}. Wah-lah! No tummy troubles!

And I got around to finishing that layout that's been on my table for a few days - reminded me how much I LOVE scrapping. ^_^

Week 6 - Project 52:
Week 6 was our anniversary week! Yay! And I used a line from one of my faves songs to sum it up. "Let us be in love... let's do old and gray." I love that it just revels in the thought of being with someone through life's changes - growing and loving each other more.

Here's a few details on this one:
I made my Hambly wing rubons stand out a bit more on the patterned background by gently rubbing some of my dry chalk {from Pebbles, Inc.} over them. By going back over it with my finger, I knocked the excess chalk off the actual rubon and made it stand out a bit. And for some reason, I've been loving the look of the strings dangling from my stitching... I guess it lends to that more messy, organic feel for me.

**GAH! I just realised that I mixed up my weeks! This is actually week 7. Good thing it just involves switching out the little sticker on the left corner, eh? Maybe I should make the ordering of that album to slip these in a priority! lol**
Well, it's Friday, peeps! That's a big "Yay!" in my book! It means we've made it through one more week of school. The only way we were able to come back after spring break was by repeating many times to ourselves that there are only roughly 8 weeks left. 8 weeks. 8 weeks. We can make it! Then it's "Hello, summer!"


Lu said...

Your style is really beautiful!

Hearthandmade said...

I really like this layout! It looks great. I love the colours you used.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

old and gray.. i like that :)

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