Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sadly Neglected

I have sadly neglected my blog this week and last... last week it was due to preparation for the shower that I helped to host this past weekend... this week - well, my only excuse is event planning hangover. lol I had fabulous fun and enjoyed every minute of all of it, though!

The view of the park pavilion:
Hubby helping with the grill:
Cupcakes all fresh and ready the night before:
{and yes, every inch of those cupcakes is handmade - from scratch. ;) Including the fondant - well, not the gum paste, but you get the idea! HeeHee}

/favor table:
punch. Or rather, limeade with lime slices and orchids floating in the bowl:
cake & punch table:
D doing one of his fave things. Stuffing himself with healthy foods. I swear that kiddo could chew a hole through the house some days. :D
Two little cousins:

E thinks it's pretty awesome to have someone around that looks up to him like that. ^_^

Hope everyone's having a lovely week!


Brooke said...

looks gorgeous!

April said...

Stunning, simply stunning girl! The cupcakes are so cute and love the idea of putting the floating flowers in the punch bowl ;-)

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