Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's always fun to take a minute out of your day for a few silly photos, right?

How's that for making your Wednesday interesting?

Just to let you know - I've had less posting lately due to settling on an actual "schedule" for my blog postings. I've been thinking through what things I like to write about and what I like to share. Once I'm settled, it'll only mean good things for my little corner of the web!

I can't wait to share my May Paper Niche kit projects with you! They'll be up as soon as I get the go-ahead! ^_^

Happy Wednesdsay!


April said...

LOL love how E is just standing straight while you two others strike a pose!

iris said...

love your silly photos, love your not-so-silly photos, love your pages, love your work, love your blog!!!

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