Monday, October 11, 2010

inspire me monday - holiday packaging

it's craft central around here right now. when i'm not working on deadlines, schoolwork or housework, i'm getting things together for holiday gifts of the craftsy type. knitting, sewing and papercrafts are all included on that list. hey - i even had the holiday tunes out this weekend! ^_^ i'll be sharing some of my projects soon! i'm actually finishing a few up already if you can believe it! i've also got a great idea for an advent calendar that i'll be ordering supplies for soon! i can't wait to put it together and share!

anyway, for today i thought i'd share some great ideas i've come across for holiday gift wrap. i always try to do something unique and thought filled. yes, i love seeing those pretty packages pile up under the tree as christmas gets closer and closer.

here are a few that i've bookmarked for ideas:
hey, i know it's a product, but i love the simple look along with the mix of colors and patterns.

sweet and simple. i love the soft colors used here.

{directions to make them found here}

And last, but not least, i think this is the one i'll be going with. it's very me.

I also wanted to start a new feature of inspire me monday posts this week - highlighting a new blog i've found that i find really inspiring!

this week i stumbled onto this one:
dozidesigns. she hasn't updated in a while. {From what i understand, she may have recently had a baby.} but looking through her past posts is very inspiring and i hope she picks her blogging back up once thing settle down a bit for her!

have an inspired, creative monday!


mrschez said...

look my family is lucky to get it wrapped LOL!! awesome stuff, can't wait to see your projects :)

Hearthandmade said...

I would love to do some fancy wrapping but nobody in my family would appreciate it! So i only fancily wrap my mums :) she wud be the only one who would notice it and thank you for it :)

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