Saturday, November 27, 2010

christmas cards - going halfway

Yes, even I recognize that I can't possibly go 100% handmade all the time for Christmas. So sometimes, I take it halfway - like with our Christmas cards. And this year, I'm pretty happy with the result. There are so many reasons to argue in favor of something like this. I always have a tough time handmaking cards that take a lot of time and effort, only to give them out to a quite a few people that won't appreciate the effort and love that went into each one. They will toss them. Ouch. I decided that this year, my efforts would go elsewhere. On things that won't be thrown away. :)

I did come up with a nice compromise, though. I found a cards that I love. {Plus, I love the fact that they're really eco-friendly.}

And then decided to dress it up a bit:

Now it's all set. And it won't take me long to apply the little rhinestones. I'll address the envelopes in red,  and we've got a beautiful compromise on our hands! Love.

Have a happy, creative Saturday!

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