Friday, November 26, 2010

holiday aftermath

It crossed my mind at one point to take a minute to post a Thanksgiving greeting, but then I was so busy with everything it very quickly fell to the wayside. ^_^

So here's hoping and wishing that everyone had a lovely, lovely holiday here in The States!

You see, I was in charge of a good bit of the meal to accommodate 20 people yesterday. By my volunteering. Trying to take a bit of the extra work off the shoulders of my poor mother-in-law who works so very hard for others all the time. I brought the stuffing, turkey, green bean casserole and a pumpkin cheesecake. I was busy. But it was a happy busy. Everything was timed out in such a way that is wasn't hectic or stressful.
Just hanging out together as a family, football on, holiday tunes in the background, and a bit of crafting occasionally in between checking the dinner preparations... then we all headed over to the house in the afternoon - where everything was mayhem. LOL But it was all right. We had a good time.

The turkey was delish.

And now I remember WHY I have no pictures of the Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake. It was devoured. I swear I'm making two next year if we have that many people. No one eats the pie! And the person serving {ie, ME}, ends up without a slice while everyone else gets in line for a second slice! Geez. At least I know it tastes good... I did manage to get a small slice, but almost had to fight for it... Ha!

Enjoy the holiday!

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Jenny Chesnick said...

you're so cute. I got more photos then most years a whopping 5 LOL! I've been so sick I barely made it through the day. Glad you enjoyed friend!

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