Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Recipe File

Today is all about the cooking around here. Every few years, I offer to help out a bit with the Thanksgiving meal. I guess it's my way of getting that Thanksgiving that I remember from my growing up. Every family does it differently, and since I don't get the chance to see my family for the holidays much, sometimes it's nice to experience a bit of that...

So here's what's on my list to do today!

Sage Stuffing:
I'll be writing my recipe down as I make it this year.  I love the smell even before it's baked - and everyone is always curious on the recipe, since it tastes so yummy. ^_^

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake:
I tried this recipe not long after we were married, and it's become an annual tradition around here...
I think I'll take a few shots of this lovely all dressed up for the occasion this year. I normally top it with fresh whipped cream. Heaven! Even though you can usually only squeeze in a tiny slice after the meal...

And this year, I'm making the turkey. So, I ordered the lovely bird from Whole Foods fresh - and picked it up Monday. It'll be going into a brine this morning. I've done a few different ones in the past, but decided to try the yummy orange/rosemary/peppercorn one from pioneer woman this year! She also has some fabulous tips on keeping the turkey from getting too salty when you brine. Definitely following these. Of course, I'll be making the gravy as well. I'll pop it in the oven, tomorrow morning.

And as a side, I'm trying out her green bean casserole. Because it looks to die for. And I can't stand things out of a can.

I'm sure everything will be fabulous. So looking forward. What about you? Any Thanksgiving plans this week? Or do you buck the tradition and make steak? Any way you slice it, I hope you have a fabulous holiday!


Amy Coose said...

Ooohhh, now I'm so hungry!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Lisa Andrews said...

The stuffing and cheesecake both look so delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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