Monday, November 1, 2010

inspire me monday - baking trends

While the cupcake still reigns supreme,

I've noticed a few other fun things starting to pop up on the regular! Like these guys:

Ok, so I've seen these guys floating around for a while, and they've finally piqued my interest. Now I need to find an alternative to the candy melts for coating. Yep. You guessed it - processed on the same equipment as nuts. I'm searching out white chocolate, and methods for making it great for coating stuff.

{While I would absolutely would love to try Parisian style macaroons - the other blossoming trend in baking,
one of their key ingredients is almonds. Which, in my mind makes them sound heavenly - but also means they're a no-go in our house with the nut allergy and all. sigh.} There are tons of brightly colored ones floating around, but I tend to prefer the softer tones. There's something about unnaturally colored food that freaks me out. Well, unless it's Red Velvet - and actually, I cut the food coloring in half when I make that as well!

I really wanna give these red velvet ones a go as well! I think they'd be perfect for Christmas! I mean, how great would it be to send a tray of these in to work for my hubby's co-workers? I always try to put together a fun tray of homemade goodies for them {it's honestly something they look forward to each year! I make homemade rum truffles, and various small holiday cookies.}

Hope I've inspired you with some baked goodies today! I'll be sharing my pumpkin muffin recipe later this week! ^_^


Karen Bowers said...

hey, do you know about this site?
i have a friend who's had to deal with significant family food allergies and she's a happy baking fool, and she loves that site. they even have had baking contests at that site.

any rate, if you really get stuck on the cake pop white chocolate/candy melts issue, let me know and i'll put you in touch with that friend.

Wendy said...

mmm i love cake pops. had them once at a baby shower and they were delicious!

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