Thursday, November 4, 2010

look for rainbows

I've been unintentionally mia the last few days. Honestly, it was just one of those things where life - caught up to me. I've been a bit crashed out at night, getting some extra rest and all. ;) I was a bit under the weather, and you know as a mommy - um. It's just not possible to stop completely. Or the world would fall apart, right? HeeHee.

Anyway. Was working a little bit yesterday before our marathon drives up and down the county yesterday to various errands. I looked out of the floor-to-ceiling-wall-to-wall sliding doors that are right beside my desk and saw this:

Wow. Great reminder. It's ok to slow down. Take a breath.
And look for rainbows.

1 comment:

deana said...

I ♥ rainbows... great photo!

And yes... the world would fall apart. Hope you're feeling better today! :-)

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