Tuesday, November 30, 2010

inspire me...tuesday?

Been getting back in the groove of things this week with school + juggling lots of plans for Christmas. It's busy, but it's good! So this week, instead of inspiration on Monday, it's on Tuesday. We can always use inspiration, right?

Can someone throw me an awesome birthday party like this? HeeHee. You know my birthday is just a few days before Christmas, so I've had a grand total of three birthday parties in my life. ^_^ It's ok. I'm all good.
And a special thanks to April, for pointing out that website! WooHoo!

Another fun diy for the holidays. I love the twist with the yarn, instead of plastic or glass...

Love. Totally fun gift. Plus, as my friend Sasha pointed out, they sell in sets of 8-10, so they'd be great for party favors!

Holiday cuteness from Paiges of Style:

That's all for today! I'm busy, busy putting together a list of holiday goodies that I'll be making for gifts this year! On the list: Homemade Twix Bars {my recipe that I'll be sharing after they're made}, Red Velvet Cake Truffles {sort of based on this recipe, but my own cake + white coating}, Rum Truffles {sort of based on a recipe from an old issue of Martha Stewart's Living}, my grandma's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Gingerbread Cookies in the shape of stars, Dipped Pretzels, and Sugar Cookie Cutouts {family recipe}. I'll also try to share sources that I've found for brands of chocolate and candy coatings that are safe for peeps with a nut allergy. If you don't have the allergy, you don't know just how hard it is to find chocolate and candy products that are safe for them to eat...

Well, anyway! Have a lovely Tuesday! Hope you're a bit inspired!

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Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Awesome inspiration here Leah! Want someone to throw me a birthday party like that too! :)

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