Wednesday, December 1, 2010

daily happenings

December Daily starts today! WooHoo! {I for some reason am not as into the holiday spirit as I usually am... I'm hoping this'll give me the little push I need. :)} I have my base pages all put together already. If you want to check them out, you can peek here. I'll be taking photos and adding them in when I get the chance! ^_^ I may update daily, or a bunch at a time... not sure yet.

Some cuteness that I happened upon yesterday:
Things were suddenly quiet while his older brother finished up lessons. I peeked into their room and saw this. He's playing uno with the tiggers. Tigger has always been a fave around here, but E formed a special attachment to the one on the left. {He, in fact, commandeered that one from D when he was really little, and mommy bought the middle tigger as a replacement for the oldest.}  E never sleeps without him. He used to get hauled everywhere, but apparently he's grown out of that one... :)


Because D is generally NOT our artsy/crafty one. But when he saw me covering these birds with crackle medium one day, it struck him as cool. Which gave my hand a break. Which I, in turn thought was cool. After this project, I understood the purpose of the rock candy crackle in a jar. With a brush. {look for a tutorial on these little birdie's soon! ^_^}

E will insist on pitching in any time there is baking involved. I suspect that it has something to do with how good cookie dough tastes, and being the first one to get a cookie when it pops out of the oven.

And last night we had the last of the killer pie that I made. Killer.
E didn't get to have any pie at Thanksgiving dinner, since most pre-made pie crusts are processed on the same equipment with nuts, so mommy promised I would make some for us at home. Turned out the best pie I'd ever made. Seriously. Ask my mom. I've always been able to make anything but pie. Strike that one off the bucket list. I created the best pie crust recipe ever. And it's all without lard or shortening. Organic butter. Booyah.

Anyway, in addition to my jubilation over accomplishing this major milestone, I was glowing with mama pride, since all he talked about for hours was eating that pie. And it utterly lived up to his expectations. THAT'S what being a parent is about.


Manon Keir said...

You'd better share that recipe Leah!!! Looks delicious!!

Rachel Chieppa said...

Congrats on the great pie! It looks wonderful!!! Please do share the recipe!

Anonymous said...

oh wow that pie does look killer! recipe?!

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