Friday, December 3, 2010

finally friday

Well, I'm off for a root canal later today. Not much to say after that. {Snort}
{my lunch yesterday. I think I have a multitasking dysfunction. I never, ever do just one thing. btw, this is a really good book. I read a last year, and was flipping through in reference to a few things I had questions on. And yes, that's words with friends. And my letters suck. The end.}

EXCEPT. That for tonight's date night, hubby is taking me to see Harry  Potter. :) I'm seriously a huge fan. But with the sick boys, we were behind on our movie viewing, so we headed to hubby's movie last week. I don't mind. But I am really looking forward to finally seeing it...

Oh! And enough of you all have requested the apple pie recipe that it's on my to-blog list. I think before Christmas is generally too optimistic with all the holiday and business stuff going on, but it's there!

Last thing. I finished up a little blog makeover and logo design for WendyHammerDesigns. It's something I'm starting to slowly work into. I love, love looking over people's things and helping them find an identity that fits them as a person and small biz! ^_^ You can take a peek here! I put together the initial blog banner and design, and Wendy gets the graphics when I'm done to use for her business, so she chose to create blinkies, and all kinds of fun stuff. . Fun and cute! Just like Wendy! If you're interested in having something like this done for yourself or your small  biz, you can contact me at leah dot farquharson at gmail dot com.

Have a great Friday! I have some yummy projects brewing that I can't wait to share! Soon! Soon! :)

{And apparently I found plenty to say, in spite of the impeding root canal.}

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