Friday, January 7, 2011

fave handmade christmas gift

I have to admit. These have to be one of my favorites on the list of handmade gifts that we gave this year. I've never felt anything as soft as the organic cotton terrycloth on the back of these, and I've never seen any fabrics as pretty as these. They're perfect. And when you have a little one that constantly drools, they're pretty AND functional.

These were made from the kits available at purlsoho. {though the second set is the one labeled "red" which I felt was a tiny bit misleading. This is definitely hot pink. :) Which was what I suspected - and since mine were for a girl, it worked out perfectly.}

I'm going to be sourcing fabrics and coming up with some different styles for bibs soon! I foresee a lovely little addition to the handmade corner of my soon to open shop! {More info coming soon! ^_^}

Have a lovely Friday!


Leslie Ashe said...

I LOVE your bibs!!
make any adult sized ones? :O) LOL.

I seriously need to order some for my new niece coming! :D

love them, love your creativity.

hilde janbroers said...

they are gorgeous!!! you are so creative!

SueP said...

Love those bibs, they are beautiful!! Great fabrics!!

Jessica said...

Oh Leah... these are so adorable. I seriously LOVE them.

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