Friday, September 7, 2012

inspiration - for embellishments and from fashion

Debbie and the creative team girls share inspiration for using oversized embellishments in this post here. I'm not gonna lie. I have a hard time with that one! I tend to be a "whitespace" scrapbooker, so I love clustering a ton of smaller embellishments together on my pages, and tend to immediately set aside larger ones. I do love how this came together when I used the large ribbon, tag, and typewriter...

logo love
{using the August JBS Mercantile kits and sharing a bit about the inspiration for my business logo}

And I have people ask me where I find inspiration for a lot of the things that I do - the answer isn't simple. I take a lot of the things that I love and jumble them together. And what comes out is just, well, me.

Here's one of my sources of inspiration:
{pop in to my 2ps gallery post for supplies and more detail shots}

Feel free to ask if there's a supply missing that you're interested in! I'm looking for a better way to document that at the moment...

Happy Friday!!


Amanda Jones said...

You rocked the giant embellies! I usully skip over the big ones, too. Must try and use them up :)

Diana Waite said...

WONDERFUL layouts! I'm SO inspired--THANKS!

Ashley C said...

Awesome pages!! Love both of them. Love the muted colours in the first page and the brighter colours in the second. Love that you can rock both these looks.

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