Friday, May 24, 2013

design notes: using assymetrical cross

I love that Debbie gives so many design notes on her site - so much information for learning available there! For this article, she discusses the design element of an assymetrical cross. I happen to use that particular formula TONS on my layouts. This is the sample I put together for the article:

This one got a bit messy. But I love it. Writing a few notes on living from a place of abundance and giving. It's a lesson I've had to relearn this past few months - and I'm so much happier for it! To see what the other girls put together, stop in to check out the article at Get It Scrapped!

1 comment:

Michelle Hernandez said...

This page is FABULOUS!!!!!! LOVE iT! Off to check out the article- I agree- Get It Scrapped sets itself apart from other scrappy websites with the high quality info you find there. :)

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