Monday, June 3, 2013

it's summer!

Yay for the start of summer!!! What mommy {or daddy} isn't saying that by now? It's so tough to slog through those last couple of weeks into the summer time. We're limping, but we're going to make it across the finish line! We have standardized tests this week for the oldest, and portfolio evals next week for the younger, and then we're DONE.

We did take almost an hour {before the rain started} on Memorial Day to check out the pool and I was able to grab this shot. This was a super fun layout to make - partly because it's the first time I'm using a stamp that I carved myself. Yay for trying new things! The June JBS Mercantile kits just rock. As usual! Can't wait to make more!

Here's to an awesome week!


Lise Mariann said...

Wow! This is so cool! Love the colors and the design. And the cute frame is so charming! Love this layout.

And I am also so looking forward to the summer. :-)

Ashley Calder said...

Really fun page! Love the "explosion" behind the photo!

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