Thursday, December 20, 2007


Caught up in making the final preparations for Christmas! Since I've last posted, I've sewn 2 more totes. (Have to take pics today) Hoping to get the family package out to the post office today. Probably won't make it in time as it is, but hopfully it'll be close.

That's our gift wrap for this year... :)

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Me :) said...

I hope you have an amazing Christmas this year!

Your wrapping paper is so cute! I love the color. It's funny. We never do snowman, and this year we're doing them on a navy background.

I'm luv'n those totes. If you ever get that Etsy shop up and running and filled with totes, let me know! Although, I must admit - it does crack me up to see you standing there with sandals on in December. LOL

Happy holidays Leah!

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