Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tomorrow's the last day for the Scrap Scout challenge over a ACBailey. I'm finished with the classes, and have one more Extra credit to do. A mini album. :) It's in the works, and will be finished this evening.

Not so sure about this one - ended up a little busy. Oh, well. We all have those. :P

This one was to scrap about why we scrap:

I ordered more RAM for my computer today. Holding off on the purchase of the new laptop 'cause I decided I'd like all the bells and whisles, please! If I'm paying for a new compy, I want it to last a while. Hoping to do a bunch of digital designing over the summer.

School is finished in a week. Thank goodness! I'm about ready for a few days to sleep in... and not having to fight morning traffic for a commute... but we will miss David's wonderful, awesome kindergarten teacher. She is so lovely, and she had a tough year personally, but was still able to totally be there for the kids. I'm also putting together a birthday party for the kids in David's class - his birthday's over the summer, so he doesn't usually get the chance to celebrate with his school buds. Thought this would be the easiest solution - I'm sure he'll love it.

Wow. Totally rambling. Hope you're having a great Thursday...

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Camille said...

Leah, I love your outlook on life. You really put 100% into everything you do and you seem to never give up. Way to go! Enjoy the last week of school before the long hot summer. My last one, Dominic, graduates this Sunday evening...where did the time go?
Have fun, everyday! :)

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